June is Moustache Mania Month!

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What would you do with an extra $250, $500, $1000 or $2000 cash this month? Whatever it is, June is going to be YOUR month to make it happen!

Welcome to a Moustache Month to Remember!!

This is going to be a fun month for everyone, and I would LOVE for you all to join in! With Summer finally here, I think it's time to let our hair down, and have some FUN. So here's how things are going to work......

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Let's get ready to RUMBLE.......

Starting June 1st, we will be doing a fun "MOUSTACHE MANIA CHALLENGE" on our Be.You.Tiful Charms team page! I'll start by posting a fan'stache'tic video and will nominate 3 others team members to complete the challenge within 48 hrs of being tagged.

What is going to be apart of the challenge???

Find and sport your best and funniest moustache during your video, while giving your best booking tip to us all. Tag 1, 2 or 3 of your Be.You.Tiful Charms team buddies in your vid to keep the FUN rolling! Then within your 48 hrs, reach out to at least 10 potential hostesses to book at least 1 new June trunk show, all while wearing your moustache! Worst case scenario, we will all get a little giggle at ourselves, and will put in some fun effort together to move our own businesses forward.

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So what are we going to say, while we've got our moustaches on, when we reach out to book some new June shows?

Well you could put something like this together in an email, FB msg, or text to warm them up first........

"Hey Janie!!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend! I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know about what’s new and exciting with Stella & Dot right now. We have our new Fall Preview Collection debuting June 4th and thought of you right away. This new Utopia necklace is totally YOU, and can be worn 6 different ways! We also have our Dot Dollars earning period happening right now until June 15th, where you and your friends get $25 back in Dot Dollars for every $50 you spend now. Then at the end of the month and beginning of July, you get to use your Dot Dollars to shop at half price! (so for every $50 you have in your cart, you redeem $25 dot dollars). Plus, as the Hostess, you’ll earn tons of free Hostess Rewards as well that you can combine and use with your Dot Dollars! It’s a WIN-WIN to be a Hostess before June 15th!

We should totally get a few of your friends together for a couple hours of fun styling at your place. All you do is pick your theme, send me a guest list and I take care of the rest. Super simple, but tons of fun! I’ve got a couple open dates left before Dot Dollars ends on the 15th, so I’ll give you a shout in a day or so to chat and hear what you think!

Chat soon.



PS….this might sound absolutely insane, but I totally think you'd make a great Stylist. If you’re curious even a bit, check out this cute YouTube vid and we should chat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0ORfkb3hHc "

---------> Don't forget to add a cute image of the new Utopia, or any sneak peeks from the new Fall collection for her to see too!!! You could add these cute theme ideas too to help get her excited about her own show!

Then here's the part where all the magic happens.....

You put on your MOUSTACHE, and if you can speak like yourself and still smile while wearing it, PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL the lady you just warmed up yesterday with an email, or FB message or text and have an actual conversation and book her June show. Make it fun, and light, offer her "2 tentative dates that you could just pencil in" and there is no doubt, she's going to LOVE YOU, and want to book with YOU!

And keep track of WHO and HOW MANY ladies you're actually doing these 2 booking steps with over your nominated 48 hrs to keep yourself honest and accountable.....

REMEMBER....reach out to 10, to book 1!! So if your goal is to book 4 shows this month, you're likely going to want to reach out to at least 40 by warming them up, and actually following up with them to book their show.

Sound scary? Sound fun? Good! I'll be the first to admit, that calling my potential hostesses is scary to me, but I know that I'm helping them by calling to give them good customer service and offering free accessories for getting their friends together to shop!

If it doesn't scare you even a little bit, then it's not much of a goal, is it?! ;)

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And no, you do not need to WAIT to be nominated to join in on the fun!!! Jump in anytime! Why wait to book shows!! NOW is the time! It's never too late to book a show!!!

And not apart of our Be.You.Tiful Charms FB page? Not to worry - either have your upline add you to our team page so you can join in on the fun, or simply do your own video and send it to me and your upline so that you can be apart of the fun too and we'll cheer you on!!

So grab your funniest 'stache, draw it on your finger, cut out a paper one, or make one you can hold up on a stick, and let's get ready to RUMBLE with MOUSTACHE MANIA this month!!! I know you're going to be FAN'STACHE'TIC!!

Cheers, my fellow 'stache' mates!



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Your Associate Director - Jessica Hoover

Please feel free to reach out to me at any point in time. I'm happy to help you reach your goals, big or small, to achieve your own success.