GATAS Field Trip Monday

Tomorrow, May 16, 2016 6:30 AM

Biltmore Field Trip ~ Be at school by 6:30 AM

Biltmore Field Trip for Springfield GATAS Students

May 16, Monday 6:30 -6:15

Monday Morning

  1. Be at school at 6:30 AM and everyone, please wear your Springfield Yellow Shirt.

  2. You may bring a device you can easily carry to take photos of the outside of Biltmore and Gardens. You may not bring in large book bags into the Biltmore.

  3. You may bring money for Candy Store, toy store or Book Store (20 minutes)

  4. Dress for the weather (jacket to have on bus or in case of rain) It may be cooler in the morning.

  5. Always SHINE with self control, honesty, independence, neatness and engagement.

  6. It will be a great day. Some questions to ponder and think about. I am sure you have many more.

  7. While at the Biltmore, some questions to think about. 3rd graders- think whether the Yeti-Green Man could survive? Does he have everything a mammal his size would need to find in the forest surrounding the Biltmore? 4th graders- Where can you find habitat for robins or nesting areas in the gardens and did Vanderbilt enjoy bird watching? 5th graders- While listening to the tour guide, how many times do they reference World War II (hint , Make sure you listen closely during the Music Room? All GATAS students and parents:, What book genre do you see in Mr. George Vanderbilt's library? Did he like the same kind of books you do?

  8. Parent pick up is at 6:15 PM

Parents can email me at

that you have received and read this S'more. Thank you

See you Monday!

Mrs. Glawe