2015 Year in review

companies that marketed the best

see the top compenies that market the best

Apple, Chipotle, And chick-file were the companies that marketed themselves the best because they advertised and came out with new things that got them more customers. Apple makes phones, computers, and other devices. chipotle is the leading Mexican grill in the country and is very popular. chick-file is a restaurant that sells quality meals that consist of mostly chicken.

2 best and worst products in 2015

The 2 best products were the I phone 6 and the hover board. The 2 worst were the apple and Samsung pen.

i phone 6

Top 2 movies of 2015

top 2 music artists of 2015

In my opinion the top 2 musical artists of 2015 are drake and Adele. They both created good and well known songs so it was easy for them to gain more polarity.

Top 10 songs of 2015 (top5) music top100 songs

hello, sorry, love yourself,hotline bling, what do you mean.



1. Work harder in school

2. Spend more time with friends and get along with family

3. Live a better well organized life