the daily life of the incas

Q:what was the daily life of the inca commenors like

the daily life of a inca

the commoners in the Inca empire were like workers in a bee hive. there was no such thing as weekends off or holiday breaks. the majority of an Incas day was spent working on the farm or making clothes. this was desighned to make it so the commenors had no time to even think about rebelion. the reason they had to put up with this is becouse there farms were not there farms they belonged to the inca empire. the only time they had any time of was during festivles and when they were asleep,eating,or bathing.

what was the life of an inca child like

the life of an Inca child was very lonely. they were left at dawn when there parents went to work and were alone most of the day. the Inca children did whatever they wanted. and when there parents came home they were not cuddled like most kids were. they were fed clothed and that it. until they were old enough to work they were pretty much on there own