My Life As A Quest


My Brothers birth

My brother was born July 22, 2006. Ever since then I had hope for the future and the drive to do better hope and growth is represented by the sunflower.
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Losing my Papa

I don't know the date of his death or his funeral which left me confused and saddened for a long time. Much like the night it didn't feel real and made everything dark.
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Father incarcerated

Soon after the loss of my papa my father committed a felony and was sent to prison. This is represented by gray because of my indifference and anger toward the situation.
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Step-dad and Moms wedding

This event is represented by dawn because it was a new beginning for my family and the start of a better life.
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I believe I am empathetic because I care about others a lot sometimes more than they deserve I feel this is best represented by a candle because you shine light on others when you help them.
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Im very enthusiastic about things that I like and put a lot of effort into things. I feel this is best represented by green to show caring and excitement.
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Im very hopeful and try to see the good in things or at least the good to come. I feel this is best represented by the yin yang because in good times there is always some bad and vice versa.
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I chose the star to represent a bright future and guidance I will receive in college to make a better life for myself.
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I'd like to be a licensed clinical social worker in order to help people who are struggling, I chose Afternoon because it represents maturity and accomplishment which I will need to become an LCSW.
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Start a non-profit organization

I choose gold to represent my goal to start a non-profit because it represents wealth in this case for others and life.
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