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September 2017

Welcome to Brubaker!

Brubaker families,

I would like to express just how excited the Brubaker staff is as we once again begin our journey together! We had an amazing experience getting to meet so many of you before the first day of school both as we walked into the neighborhood as well as at our Back-to-School Night. Whether we saw familiar faces, or new faces, it was a great experience to start the year.

As we begin our work this year, students will learn how the school, classrooms, and their peers function. It is critical that we develop as a community, so we will continue to focus on Morning Meeting each morning. Students will learn about each other, develop skills in how to communicate and work together, as well as have fun and academic learning.

As always, I want to express my appreciation for your support not only in the development of your child(ren), but also in how Brubaker focuses on student safety. Whether through arrival, dismissal, or throughout the day, we appreciate your cooperation. Safety is of course, our first priority.

In closing, thank you for your support as we work together to support all learners through this critical time of their lives.


Mr. Adams


New to Bru - Meet our new staff!

School Calendar Revision

Please make note of the following changes in the school calendar that was previously published.

January 3, 2018 - School Resumes for all students and staff

February 19, 2018 - NO SCHOOL for students. Staff Professional Development day

The 2017-18 school calendar can be found at:

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Shoes That Fit

If your child is in need of shoes, boots or a coat, please contact Lisa Beving or Nate Evans, SUCCESS, for a voucher. The deadline is September 29, 2017. Items are first come, first served.
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Hope Food

Brubaker Elementary School and Hoyt Middle School, in partnership with Hope Lutheran Church, can provide families with holiday meals. Please contact Lisa Beving at 515-242-7557 for more information.

Labor Day - No School

Monday, Sep. 4th, 8:45am

Des Moines Public Schools

No School for students and staff.

Brubaker PTO Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 21st, 4-5pm

Brubaker Cafeteria

Fall Picture Day

Friday, Sep. 22nd, 9am-3:30pm

Brubaker Library

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 4th, 2:30-7:45pm

2900 East 42nd Street

Des Moines, IA

Please contact the office if you have not yet scheduled your child's conference.

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Oct. 5th, 4-8pm

2900 East 42nd Street

Des Moines, IA

Please contact the office if you have not yet scheduled your child's conference.

No School - Staff Professional Development

Friday, Oct. 27th, 8:45am

Brubaker Elementary

No school for students.

New School Hours!

Brubaker school hours have changed! Our school hours have been extended each day by ten minutes. Our new dismissal times are as follows: M, T, Th, F - 3:40 PM; W - 2:10 PM.

Free breakfast for all students is served from 8:20-8:45 AM. Students who arrive after 8:45 will not be served school breakfast. School starts at 8:45 AM.

Brubaker Dismissal Procedure - Parent Pick-Up

Dismissal occurs each day at 3:40 PM, 2:10 on Wednesdays. At this time, students will be dismissed to the North side of the building.

Car Pick Up:

From E. Sheridan Avenue, enter the staff parking lot behind Hoyt and continue to the North side of Brubaker. Students will be watching and can enter the car once the car is in the loading zone. Please do not exit your vehicle while students load, this will help the line move more efficiently. Cars must exit onto E. 42nd Street. Turning left onto E. 42nd Street from the pick-up line is not permitted between 3:40 and 3:55 (2:10 and 2:25 on Wednesdays).


Street parking is the only available parking during dismissal. The lane in front of Brubaker is used for buses and handicapped student pick up only. Vehicles picking up handicapped students must have a handicapped sticker or a parking pass distributed from the Brubaker office.

Parents can walk to pick students up on the North side of the building, or students can arrange to walk to their parked car. Please make sure your child's teacher is aware of the pick up procedure your family will use.

Brubaker Neighborhood Home Visits

Brubaker teachers visited the homes of Brubaker families to welcome students to the new school year! What a great way to start the year!

Table Talk - Tonight at dinner, ask your kids...

Do you want to know more about your child's day? Ask them...
  • What is Morning Meeting?
  • What does B.A.R.K. stand for?

Check back next month for more information on these topics!

Thank you for coming!

The 2017-18 Meet the Teacher Night and Brubaker Carnival was a HUGE success! We loved seeing all of our new and returning students and families for a night full of fellowship, food and festivities! Here were some of the highlights!
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About us

Brubaker School Hours

8:45 AM - 3:40 PM (M, T, Th, F)

8:45 AM - 2:10 PM (W)

Doors open at 8:20 AM, daily

Free breakfast served to all students 8:20-8:45 AM!