Written by: Lee Bacon

Joshua Dread The Nameless Hero


A boy named Joshua Dread has super villains for parents. He started a weird 6th grade year; Joshua found out that he had super powers; spontaneous combustion! In the second book; The Nameless Hero, Joshua thinks he's going to have a normal summer, but he was wrong. Joshua and his friend Sophie; she has special powers too. They both find mysterious notes out of nowhere! They end up joining a group of kids that have super powers, with there best friend Milton; he doesn't have super powers. On there adventure saving the world from a villain called Multiplier, they encounter a familiar villain from book one; Phineas vex.

Why you should read this book

Joshua Dread is a great book! You should really read it. When your reading it it's like your experiencing it for real. Joshua takes you on a mysterious, scary, threatening, violent, action adventure. I cant really tell you how great the book is your just going to have to read it! From a scale to a 1 to 10 i would say 10.

It's a book you won't want to miss

If you like action, adventure, funny, mysterious books then you will like this book.