The 7th and 8th Amendments

By- Anthony Issa

The 7th Amendment

  • The 7th Amendment is all about the right to jury. This means that you have the right to choose if you would like the jury or the judge to make the decision of you being guilty or not in a civil case. What a civil case is it's a case that is about money and this only applies for only 20$, for example if you are being sued.

How 7th Amendment Protects Us

The 7th Amendment gives us a right to have a jury decide whether we are guilty or not

The 8th Amendment

The 8th Amendment is about not having excessive bail, excessive bail is having too high a price to bail someone out. The 8th Amendment also doesn't allow cruel and unusual punishment even though it doesn't describe cruel and unusual punishment we should still know what they meant.

How 8th Amendment Protects Us

The 8th Amendment helps us by not sentencing us to cruel or unusual punishment if we have done anything wrong.
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