Horowitz Horror

Bradley Wilson

You get what you pay for

Matthew bought this camera at the weekly trunk sale that happens every Saturday on the edge of crouch end for a very small amount of money which is only forty dollars, But it was an extremely high dollar camera around a hundred dollars. Basically he got it for half price. But it wasn't for him, it was for his fathers fiftieth birthday. So his dads birthday came along and when he opened the box that had contained the camera and he was ecstatic. He wanted to take a picture with it rite away, so he had went outside and took a picture of there tree in the front yard. But the next day they woke up and that same tree that he had taken a picture of the day before was dead. So basically anything that the camera gets a picture of dies.

What goes around comes around

Ethan sly, was a friend of Henry's dad. He had recently had a heart attack while at his job. He was fine that day then just out of the blue he had a heart attack rite at his computer. So when they were cleaning out his office Henry's dad took the computer for his boy Henry. That night when he had brought it home and after dinner he had taken it up to Henry's room. Henry was so excited when he had got it and he wanted to use it that night but he was really tired. In the middle of the night Henry had woke up by something he didn't know what. He had looked around and then he had seen that the computer was on and it had read "Millers Boy". Millers boy was the name of a horse that had competed in the horse betting races. The next morning he had went to the betting shop and had placed three dollars on Millers Boy. And later that day he had went back to see if he had won and he did. So basically whatever name is on the computer screen wins the horse race.