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Kenningtonitist is a very deadly disease that can cause some non-fatal symptoms, including an inability to be funny, an obsession with trust cards and balding. It also causes causes excess, uncontrollable internal bleeding with an inability for blood to clot. After bioengineering Kenningtonist, we determined the best method to infect North Korea would to be to contaminate the water supply of a town causing 5000 people to become infected with Kenningtonitist. The disease is transferred through contact of bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, etc. At this point in time there is not a cure for the disease. The incubation period for those that have come in contact with the disease is 2 days. After the patient becomes symptomatic, they can survive any where from three days to a week, with the average being five days.

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Disease Spreading Facts

The infection rate of this disease is 76%. This infection rate most closely relates to the infection rate of Ebola, which is 79% From our data we have determined that it will take 9 years to infect 1,000,000 people, 13 years to infect 10,000,000 people and 15 years to infect 25,000,000. In order to infect the entire country of North Korea in 5 years, we would need to initially infect 1,475,118 people.