First Grade News

December 14 - 18, 2015

This Week's Lifework

Monday is day two of the encore rotation.

Monday - Family Tradition Questions

Read 10 minutes

Tuesday - Family Tradition Questions

Read 10 Minutes

Wednesday - Math worksheet

Read 10 minutes

Thursday - Phonics Worksheet

Read 10 minutes

Friday - Happy Holidays!

See you next year!

Spelling List

No Spelling Test this Week

Curriculum Corner

Langauge Arts: Gingerbread Man Story and Poem. Phonics - Review Long E (ee, e_e, ea, ey). Review Long Ii (ie, i_e, y as i, igh). D'Nealian Handwriting Letter Ll. Sequencing a story.

Math: Number Sense. Addition to 13. Subtraction from 10. Story Problems.

Social Studies: Traditions and Customs

Star Students

Mrs. Brandt - Melina Hunter

Mrs. Buck - Valerie Juarez-Guttierrez

Mrs. Moore - Sebastian Liranzo Estevez

Star of the Week Instructions

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Winter Party Dec. 18th

The first grade classes will make Gingerbread Houses on the morning of Friday, Dec. 18th from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Please use the Signup Genius email to send in items for the gingerbread houses and to volunteer to come in and help.

CASH $3.00 Dominoes Pizza Lunch December 18th

The first grade classes will order cheese pizzas to be delivered for lunch after the Gingerbread House Winter party on Friday, December 18th. Please send in $3.00 cash in an envelope labeled "Pizza Party" by Wednesday, Dec. 16th.

It's cold! Send in a warm coat every day.

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We will recite the poem on December 18th

December Poem

The Gingerbread Man

By Rowena Bennett

The gingerbread man gave a gingery shout:

"Quick! Open the oven and let me out!"

He stood up straight in his baking pan.

He jumped to the floor and away he ran.

"Catch me," he called, "if you can, can, can"

The gingerbread man met a cock and a pig

And a dog that was brown and twice as big

As himself. But he called to them all as he ran,

"You can’t catch a runaway gingerbread man."

The gingerbread man met a reaper and sower.

The gingerbread man met a thresher and mower;

But no matter how fast they scampered and ran

They couldn’t catch up with a gingerbread man.

Then he came to a fox and he turned to face him.

He dared Old Reynard to follow and chase him;

But when he stepped under the fox’s nose

Something happened. What do you s’pose?

The fox gave a snap. The fox gave a yawn.

And the gingerbread man was gone, gone, GONE.