Bill Of Rights

Brandon Crane Block:6 12/18/14

Amendment 1 (Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Press)

You can say or write just about anything. There is no restriction on religion and you can complain about the government.
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Amendment 2 (Right to bear arms)

The people have the right to bear arms, shall not be infringed.
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Amendment 3 (Quartering of soldiers)

Soldiers can't barge in and demand to live in your house and eat your food.
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Amendment 4 (Search and Seizure)

Police can't just walk into your house, search through you stuff, and take it away. They need a search warrant and for that you need probable cause.
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Amendment 5 ( Protection of people and their property)

For a capital crime, a grand jury has to decide if there is enough evidence to charge you. You can only be charged once for a crime.

Amendment 6 (Rights of people accused of a crime)

If your charged with a crime, your trial should happen as soon as possible. Your trial is held public and can't be keep secret.

Amendment 7 ( Rights of Trial)

You can have a jury settle civil cases involving a lot of money.

Amendment 8 (Protection against excessive bail and punishments)

Your punishment should fit your crime. You shouldn't pay to much for bail or unreasonable fines.

Amendment 9 (Constitution does not list all individual rights)

The government can't take away any rights form the people, weather they're mentioned or not.

Amendment 10 ( Powers reserved to the states and people)

As long as it doesn't say anywhere that the states can't do something, then the states have that power.
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Amendments Court Cases

Amendment 1 Court Case: Tory VS. Cochran

Tory began picketing Cochran's office because of bribes. Cochran said he was defacing him. The court ruled that Tory was ok for picketing and ruled toward the amendmen

Amendment 2 Court Case: District of Columbia VS. Heller

Heller wanted to register a handgun and was refused; he later filed in the federal court. Court ruled toward the amendment and let him register it.

Amendment 3 Court Case: Nevada Man

Guy alleging that the police had violated his 3rd amendment by forcibly entering his home to gain a "tactical advantage" in resolving a domestic violence incident next door. The police won; court saying their not soldiers.

Amendment 4 Court Case: Terry VS. Ohio

Arrested for pacing in front of a jewelry store and was searched; cop found illegal weapons. Court ruled toward the cop and the amendments way.

Amendment 5 Court Case: Miranda VS. Arizona

Miranda was interrogated for two hours and then came out with a written confession; sentenced for 20 years. On appeal the court said amendment was violated for the confession.

Amendment 6 Court Case: Smith VS. Hooey

Defendant sat in prison for 7 years and still was not prosecuted about his case. The court agreed it was too long and they ruled towards the defendant and the amendment.