Boone County Email Migration

April 26 - April 30, 2018

Across the state of Kentucky, a massive email migration is underway. All Boone County staff and students will migrate to new Office365 mailboxes between April 26 - 30, 2018. During this time, email service will be interrupted and a timeline has been provided below. This site will serve as the location for the most up to date information regarding Boone County's email migration. The Updates Section will be updated as we move through the migration process. The rest of the site is a one stop location for pre-migration tasks, understanding the migration process, and post-migration tasks and expectations.
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April 30, 2018

Mail migration is complete.

OneDrive for Business content is still migrating.

Please read the Other Details section and Help! section of this website first. DO NOT attempt to open Outlook or access webmail without reading these sections and performing mandatory tasks first.

Please contact your STC for any additional questions.

April 30, 2018

6:00 am

Mail migration continues

No access to Office365 tools (email, OneDrive for Business, calendars, etc)

April 29, 2018

Mail migration continues

No access to Office365 tools (email, OneDrive for Business, calenders, etc)

April 26, 2018


Mail migration started

April 25, 2018

District wide email communication #4

April 19, 2018

District wide email communication #3

March 27, 2018

District wide email communication #2

March 5, 2018

District wide email communication #1

February 27, 2018

Welcome to the Boone County Email Migration Status Site. Please check here for information on migration status, when services are restored, etc.

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Now - April 6

Clean up email, OneDrive for Business

Schools communicate email migration timeline to staff and students

Schools formulate plan for migrating student mailboxes

April 26

By 4:00 PM - log out of all Microsoft services: webmail, Outlook, OneDrive for Business, Skype, apps on mobile devices. Delete Boone County email accounts from mobile devices. Email migration will begin around this time and access to email will be stopped. Attempting to access email during the migration period may result in data loss.

April 27

Mail migration - no access to email

April 28

Mail migration - no access to email

April 29

Mail migration - no access to email

April 30

Mail migration is planned to end. An exact time is unknown.

May 23

Manual migration of student email must be complete

Post Migration

Your mailbox will most likely look just the way you left it before the migration. New mail will begin to flow real time. All of the email sent to mailboxes during the migration period will most likely not appear immediately. A few days after the migration is over, this email will appear all at once. Depending upon how much email you receive, this may be a large number of emails to appear at one time. Be prepared!

OneDrive for Business content is taking several days to migrate. If you are a heavy OneDrive for Business user, please be prepared for delays in accessing this content. It most likely will not be available at the same time email service is restored.

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What Migrates?

Current mailbox contents - emails, folders, emails in folders - except items in the Deleted folder and Clutter folder






OneDrive for Business content - if user has accessed OneDrive for Business within last 180 days

What DOES NOT Migrate?

Items in the Deleted Folder

Items in the Clutter Folder

Personal Distribution Lists

Shared calendar settings

Delegate access

Shared OneDrive for Business settings

Existing Skype meeting links. All existing Skype meeting links will need to be re-created.

Office365 Forms

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What Migrates?

OneDrive for Business content - if user has accessed OneDrive for Business within last 180 days

What DOES NOT Migrate?

Email - this will be a manual process and directions will be provided



Personal Distribution Lists

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Email passwords are the same as network/computer passwords.

When setting up the post migration Outlook profile, the white box requesting log in credentials may pop up behind the blue Outlook splash screen. If this happens, users need to click the white box to proceed.

Mailboxes will populate at different speeds. DO NOT compare mailboxes. Some may immediately see new mail while others may not for several minutes. Folders will populate at different speeds as well.

Users may receive Outlook calendar reminders from events long in the past. This is a known issue and we will communicate a fix once that has been received.

Outlook 2013 users will have to click through Next, Next, Finish.

Outlook 2016 will not see this.

The Global Address List (GAL) will change and will be much smaller. We will no longer see everyone in the state. Boone County will see all Boone County staff and students. After the migration, the only other GAL members we will see will be the individuals other districts have selected to appear in the GAL.

Read and Delivery Receipts should not be expected to work between districts after the migration.

After migration, Gmail will be open in the district. The email standard for Boone County is Office365. All school related email should use the Boone County provided email address using Office365. Personal email accounts, regardless of vendor, should not be used for school related communication.

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A step by step Boone County Schools Email Migration Guide is linked below to help with pre-migration and post-migration tasks. Want to save Personal Distribution Lists so you can import them into your new mailbox? Want to save Deleted Items so you can import them into your new mailbox? Help with these tasks and more can be found here. PLEASE NOTE: ALL PRE-MIGRATION TASKS IN THIS GUIDE MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE APRIL 26.