WEEKLY MEMO 10/18/18

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Thank you to everyone and all of the responses in the naming process. Who would have known that inspiration was sitting in a stack on the shelf in the mail room and was published in 1987. Anyway, welcome to Pond Life!

This issue includes:

1. PD BINGO Reflections

2. Meetings with Evaluators

3. Homeroom Coverage

4. Perennial Math Letter

5. Perennial Math Recess Meetings

6. Gabriel Bol Deng Assembly

7. Nurse Note

8. Staffing Changes

9. Newsletter

10. Trivia Bee & Turkey Trot

11. Pink-a-licious

PD BINGO Reflections

The Meat:

Meetings with Evaluators -

During this time of year (goal season), I want to ask that all staff set up a time with the evaluators to have a 1-on-1 conversation about this year. This conversation can include goals (professional and personal), MCAS analysis, student concerns, PD, big picture ideas for the school, etc.. I feel that it is important to have a dedicated dialogue around how our year has started and where we are going! Please set these up individually and before 11/15.

Homeroom Coverage -

When homerooms are being covered for consult time it is important that students are not left unattended at any point. Please make sure those of you who are covering a homeroom get to the assigned classroom before 7:35 and teachers returning from consult need to be back before the 8:02 bell.

Perennial Math Letter -

This letter is being sent home through email to students and parents who have met the criteria for Perennial Math. Take a read. The only change between the grades is the google classroom code included.

Perennial Math Meetings -

Next week there will be meetings for students participating in Perennial Math. It will be during their recess. 4th and 5th Grade will be on Monday. 6th Grade will be on Thursday. All meetings will be in the auditorium and associated announcements will be made.

Gabriel Bol Deng Assembly -

Just a reminder that our assembly is next Thursday. Please see previous Memos for curriculum tie-ins and other previewing information.

Nurse Note Regarding FIeld Trips -

The nurses will be determining whether a nurse will attend a field trip depending on several factors: location of the field trip, number of students attending, number of students with medical conditions (including allergies), severity of the medical conditions (including allergies), etc. If the nurses determines that a substitute nurse is not necessary for a field trip, the expectation is that staff be in contact with the nurses. If students with medication (epipens/inhalers) are going on the field trip, a trained staff member will be required to hold onto the medication/administer it as needed. The nurses will be offering epipen/inhaler training to all staff members. Please see the nurse if you are interested in being trained. In addition, permission slips will be altered to indicate whether a nurse will be attending the field trips so that parents are aware. Teachers will need to check with the nurses to see if a substitute nurse is attending before sending permission slips home. This is a district-wide initiative

Staffing Changes -

Lisa Moore will be taking Ashley Orlando's role during her Maternity Leave and also we welcome Julia Heffernan as a Para in Lisa's role during this same leave time.

Big picture

The Potatoes:

Trivia Bee and Turkey Trot -

Both of these events are coming up! I have started a team for the turkey trot, it is called "Mill Pond" please join! Both events are looking for participants!

Newsletter -

Please read the parent newsletter. It is a piece of beauty comparable only to the Northern Lights. (Not my words)

The Sweet Stuff:

Enjoy Your Weekend!