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A Snapshot of your child's progress in Learning Strategies

The Working Garden

We harvested our radishes last week! We all had a chance to taste them also-- I don't think your child will come home asking to eat radishes though. 77% of the students voted that radishes are NOT delicious! We will continue adding other plants to our garden. One group in 6th grade has read a book on creative ways to plant vegetables and we are going to use several of their suggestions. I am looking forward to a plentiful harvest in the Spring!
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Progress Reports are coming home!

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 3:30pm

Florence, MS, United States

Florence, MS

Check your child's backpack for the progress reports.

What Are We Doing in Learning Strategies

We have several things happening in our classroom. Part of your child's time in my classroom is spent reading and discussing a text with me and a small group of students. During this time we are focusing on several key things such as:
  • reading comprehension
  • main ideas and details
  • cause and effect
  • drawing conclusion
  • making predictions

We also spend time each week writing about the text we've read. During the writing time, students are asked to do one of the following to improve their writing skills:

  • summarize the text
  • compare and contrast the text to another text we've read
  • State the theme of the text
  • Take an idea from the text and explain it in written form
  • Write about the author's view of the text subject

Also, we are spending time working on math skills. Our program is called iReady (computer program) and its main focus is to work on the math skills that your child is still unsure about or may have forgotten. There is also time in class for your son or daughter to ask questions about the math skills they are learning in their current math class.

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