PW Media Center

Budget concerns and proposal

Recommended budgetary expenditures per student per year

Recommendations from the 2011 Guidelines for Pennsylvania School Library Programs:

Total: $50.00 per student/per year in materials

PW, 2014-2015: $36.00 per student


Increase the media supplies and library software budgets, directly impacting the expenditures on resources for students' use

Areas of improvement


Recommendations from the 2011 Guidelines for Pennsylvania School Library Programs:

Devices per student

  • Minimum: 35
  • Standard: 45
  • Exemplary: 2/3 of seating capacity

PW, 2014-2015: 22 devices

Mrs. Frey and Mr. Adams submitted a proposal for 30 devices to be purchased with School Improvement funds. Students would be able to check out devices for individual use in the LMC, allowing the space to better meet the needs of students that may not have their own.


  • Continue to advocate for the allocation for 30 new devices to be added to the LMC
  • Request Chromebook pilot for Mr. Adams and Mrs. Frey


In 2014, every title in the nonfiction collection was evaluated for condition and value. This led to the collection being reduced by nearly 75%, yielding the following impacts:

By removing the outdated, irrelevant, and damaged items, the average age of the collection was cut in half.

The smaller collection allows students to browse with more ease, contributing to a 9% increase in nonfiction circulation.

The overhaul of the collection also allowed us to analyze what subjects and content areas are in need of more reading material. From this, it was determined that new materials in Social Studies and Science were crucial.

Digital collection:

New databases were acquired, specifically targeting those gaps in Social Studies and Science.

Our databases are now accessible through a one-stop search engine, found on the LMC webpages.


Recommendations from the 2011 Guidelines for Pennsylvania School Library Programs: (minimum/standard/exemplary)


  • Minimum: 55-70
  • Standard: 70-105
  • Exemplary: 105-150


  • Minimum: 3
  • Standard: 4
  • Exemplary: 5+

PW, 2014-2015:

  • Serials: 69
  • Newspapers: 4


  • Increase the media supplies budget, earmarking a percentage of the monies for additions to the periodicals collection
  • Evaluate current subscriptions for use by specific departments; such titles should be purchased with department funds, freeing up funds
  • Pilot a collection of digital subscriptions that would allow universal access, making the serials more accessible and useful with PW's focus on technology integration


The makerspace supports our students as 21st century learners, providing them with the space and resources to work cooperatively, posing and answering questions to guide their learning, as they "tinker" with emerging technologies.

In its first year, the makerspace has been an environment for activities such as the Hour of Code celebration, CSD Girls in Technology camp, and several technology professional development sessions. Students have used the space and materials for extracurricular projects and classwork.

It was proposed in last year's budget cycle that the makerspace receive its own ASN and budget. This did not occur, making it difficult for Mrs. Frey to sustain it and further its growth.


  • Establish ASN and annual budget to support the growth of this space and program
  • When the makerspace hosts professional development and non-student centered activities, reimburse the ASN for any material costs

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