Everlasting Gum

(Lasts at least 2 hours)

Best chewing gum out now!

Try out our new Everlasting Gum! It's the latest trend in chewing gum! All of your friends and family will have it! You wouldn't want to be the only one without it, would you? It's the newest trend in chewing gum! In all major retail shops and our own location for only $1.99!


Why you should choose EVERLASTING GUM over the others.

Statistics from the National Association of Gum Chewers (NAGC) shows that 97% of chewing gum nowadays doesn't contain the flavor that it used to! Other statistics show that 99.9% of chewing gum flavor doesn't last more than 30 minutes! Everlasting Gum beats those standards lasting up to two whole hours!