Internet Safety

By Ellie Sharman

How to stop this

Internet Safety, is hard to think about, how you are making yourself vulnerable, but they way to stay safe on the internet is to always think ahead of time for when your putting something on the internet and when you start, talking to stranger you make sure you know them or one of your family members know them. Never give away any personal details like your address or mobile number. If someone starts asking for this or for a photo either stop taking to them or tell someone unless you trust them.
Internet Safety

This is a helpful facts website

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All this website can access a paedophile, or strange people that just wants you to have a broke heart.
Cyber Bulling

This is a Cyber Bulling Website

Cyber Bullying

This is also know as Cyber Bullying, which is know as being bullied when your on Computer or Phone or any other Technology, this is illegal in the UK or in any other area, so tell family or the police.