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The Styles and Colors of Fishnet Bodystocking

Women from all walks of life wear lingerie. One of the most popular types of lingerie is bodystocking. Lingerie is a blend of pantyhose or stocking as well as a catsuit or unitard. While the pantyhose and stocking are meant to be worn just on the legs and thighs, the bodystocking can be put on entire body. While the catsuit or unitard is your regular clothing article, the bodystocking is a kind of an underwear.

Bodystockings can be classified in two types, the sheer and opaque. The sheer types are made for daring women as they reveal a lot of the skin. The opaque types, on the other hand, are made to give a good cover to the body and they are generally utilized as your daily underwear, though at times, they can double as a unitard. Due to the growing adventurism in women, who now are more practical in sexual life, sheer types of stockings are preferred. In sheer bodystockings, fishnet bodystocking is often selected by women. This is because of the range of colors, styles, and materials it offers:

Cut: Fishnet bodystocking can only cover the torso or along with whole of the legs, thighs, arms, and the feet. The bodystockings that cover torso along with these areas are utilized as your usual underwear. These can also help shape the body or give an extra source of protection in the cold days. The ones that cover the arms can be joined up with other products of clothing, like a turtleneck for a layered look. Other fishnet bodystockings are available that cover full thighs and legs and that are worn with as lingerie or skirts for tempting the partner into a hot passionate night.

Style: There is a wide range of fishnet bodystocking styles available. These styles are varied and can be suitable for different types of personalities. If you are adventurous, printed bodystocking can be your first choice. For more womanliness in your lingerie, you can go with an embroidered bodystocking. You can also select from more eccentric types, like the open butt, crisscross, open bust, crotchless, thong, and a lot others. All these styles are available in various colors.

Material: You can go for any material while choosing your fishnet bodystocking. If you are looking for ultimate comfort and softness, go with bodystockings manufactured of more cotton percentage. Polyester material may be light on pockets, but bodystockings made of polyester do not provide as much softness as provided by the cotton and they are not even ­­heat friendly. If you wish your bodystocking to hug your body for hiding your less-admired areas, spandex material is what you need.

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