Dealey Dragon Update

May 6, 2019

Dragon Families,

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to reshare what some of our amazing teachers said about “Why I teach?” in the Dallas Teachers Speak series!

"To empower and mentor young minds while serving my country" Betty Thompson

“It’s the light in the child’s eye when they ‘discover’ and the joy from a job well done” Cindy Parrish

“To help each child gain the confidence needed to succeed in life and fulfill dreams” Jennifer Hart

“I’m addicted to seeing those ah ha moments when mathematics changes from mystery to marvel” Jill Emery

“The moment you see that light bulb go on is truly exhilarating” Kathleen Malooly

“Teaching is the most honest exchange that you can have with another human. The journey to discovery is hope for our future” Elizabeth Garrett

“I want to be the role model I wish I had when I was a kid” Matt Mazur

“To help children see their own light while giving them the skills to help it always shine bright”. Melisa Durkin

“To help students find their inner creative problem solver” Susan Bourenane

“To facilitate excellence in our future by creating an environment of effort and accountability” Tamesha Connaughton

I know each of our teachers has a version of this why as I see evidence of it throughout our school.

Thank you, Dealey teachers, for not just talking the talk but also walking the walk every day. Our students are so fortunate to have you guiding them on this journey.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I hope you will join me in taking time this week to appreciate our fantastic faculty!



The draft version of the CIP is available for review using this link: or please plan on attending the SBDM meeting on May 21st.

SBDM Elections

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Spring ACP Schedule

We have not received the official ACP schedule, so we can't publish it yet. Thank you for your patience.

Shout Outs

Ms. Bourenane for all of her work on the yearbook.

Ms. Hervey for double duty in the cafeteria last week.

Ms. Chavez for taking care of all of our purchase requests before the big deadline.

Dr. Schmidt and the PreK/K team for an outstanding performance.

Ms. Henderson for continued excellence in testing.

Latchem, Chandler, Hanley and Lavat for presenting the Mindfulness presentation to the staff

Parrish, Ganjoo, Calderon, Gilbert and Mason for presenting their favorite sessions from the Montessori Conference to the staff.

Ms. Calfee for going above and beyond for students.

Mr. Grimes for Coaching our Dealey basketball .