Goal Reflections

By Kaylonni Spangler

Goals at the Beginning of the Semester

1. To learn different types of media to use in my classroom in the future.

2. To learn to the a lot of the court cases, and legal issues of special education.

What I Learned by the End of the Semester

I learned how to use so many different types of media this semester through this class and TE 206. Between the two of them, I have learned a lot of different types of technology to use successfully in my classroom. I will continue to use many of them for other classes I have, and I will use them in my own classroom in the future! I did learn quite a bit about court cases, and legal issue, but not as much as I hoped to. I originally thought the class was going to be in the classroom, and I feel as if I would've gotten more out of the legal issues that way. I still did come out of this class knowing much more than I did before about them though, so I would say both of my goals from the beginning of the semester were met!