mouse mystery

Yesterday at aproximatly 3:30 four young boys found a dead mouse at thier school. They thought they would be cheeky and took it to the local candy store to put it into one of the jars. They wanted to scare Mrs Pratchett.The four young boys walked away fast after they put the mouse in the jar.

The next day the four young boys were walking to school and they thought that they would see if the mouse was still in the gobstopper jar. As they were walking past they saw that the shop was closed they started to get worried and they had killed Mrs Pratchett.

As they went to school they thought that it was a bit wierd that the shop was closed at this time of the day. The four boys got to school and the headmaster had called for a school assembily. The boys didnt know what was happening, they were just standing there waiting for the headmaster to come out. The headmaster finaly came out of the doors and guess who was with the headmaster, yes Mrs pratchett. The boys were terrifyed but also glad that they didn't kill Mrs Pratchett.

later that day the four boys one by one got hit by the cane about 4 or 5 times on the bottom by the headmaster. While Mrs Pratchett was watching them suffer in pain and lauging at them saying harder eadmaster hit 'em' harder eadmaster.