by: Mackenzie Wilhelm


Romance is a genre that is based on a love story or a fictional love story. There is a struggle most of the time in romance books something that sepatrates the charecters. Then the charecters have to find a way to stay together. Then finally at the ending you will be emotionally satified. The person who reads feels a conection or emotion when reading.

Historical Fiction

Histroical Fiction is meant to tell a story or true event from the past. It includes, war or harsh moments in the 1900's, 1800's, 1700's ext. It can even be in the 2000's. Most histroical fiction books invole a sad topic becuase of war, but some stroies are about people from the past and what they did for our country.


Adventure is a genre where there is a main character vs. nature, or someone who is on a quest to find out a secret of some sort. The books have a main theme and setting put it the book, but everything it the book get more crazy while you read it. People enjoy reading this genre because it has a bunch of mysterious details, twist, and turns to it.


Fantasy is a genre of fiction that usually uses magic and other supernatural things as a primary plot element, theme, or setting. Many works in this genre take place in imaginary places where magic and magical things are common. Fantasy has fictional charecters. They can also put in talking animals. So, fantasy has nothing real and has fake places, people, and other crazy things!


Thriller is a genre that excites you and scares you all at once.
With blood, monsters, roller coaster, and much more.The books are shocking when you read them. Authors usually leave a plot twist or unreal supernatural ending. The books that they write either have a bunch of stories put into one book. Or they have one long chapter book about an event.


A biography is a books about a famous person written by an author. The famous people can range from a celeberty from today to an old war person back in the 1800's. Either way the books tells a story about the person and how they are important to our world or country. some biographys are about people who made our country how it is today and some are just for reading about someone famous you love!


Humor is a genre that makes you laugh! it can cheer up your day and make anyone happy. Some humor books are realistic others are not. The genre involves made up characters that seem like they could be real. The books in humor are put in a specific order. They also don't have a plot or lesson.


An autobiography is a biography, but the person that you read about is actually written by the person thats in the book. They tell what they do or did to help the world or they tell what they do. Like sing, act, dance, ext. The autobiography books usually are written by people in war, and they tell about themselves and how important they are to the country.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is a genre where the setting, charecters, and plot are fiction. Although the story seems to be like a real life event. these books may seem real but the whole story is fake. If there is pictures in the book you can see how the author put it and the picture might look fake.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre thats placed far in the future or with technology better then we currently have. Also it has people who have a mission to fix the people or create a better town for the people in the city they live in. There is sometimes a competition that the people need to fight for to earn there freedom.


Mystery is a genre where the characters find something mysterious and go on a search to find an answer to the mystery. This genre usually has a plot when the characters find when in the middle of searching. Kids are usually the main characters. Mystery books can have a spooky mystery or a spooky mystery that leads into a goofy mystery once it is solved.


A memoir book is a memory or past event that the author is telling about themselves. They write it because the event is an important event in there life or is interesting of how they became who they are. And memoirs are written in first person point of view because there telling it about themselves its like an autobiography.