Let's get out of a drought

Water usage

the major reason we are in a drought is because an average american family uses more that 300 gallons of water a day. Simple things such as toilet flush uses 3 gallons, washing machine 40 gallons of water. But not just household objects, but any ordinary person uses 181 gallons of water a day. Did you know that less than 1% of water on earth is used by a person. In California, water is used 50% on the environment, 40% for agriculture and the rest on urban.
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Water conservation

the southwest is in a major drought, and you will be suprised by how many easy ways we can help conserve water. Just turning off the water while brushing your teeth with save 8 gallons of water. You can save 1.6 gallons of water getting a low flow toilet. Another easy way to conserve our water is to take shorter showers, or take more baths, this is an easier more efficiant way to conserve water, over a year you can save a whopping 5,840 gallons of water. Leaky faucet, fix it immediantly if you do you can save 200 gallons of water a year. The final way to save water is to use a sponge when washing a vehicle, this gan save you 6 gallons of water.