Nurse Anesthesist (CRNA)

Information for CRNA schooling process

First off, What degree will I need?

To become an official CRNA I need to first get my bachelors in Nursing science. After completing this step I will then need to take place in a internship that will hopefully lead to a employment situation. In finishing the step to administer anesthesia, I will need to complete another internship and take a state test to get my license.

Second, What programs are the best for me?

Well, not taking moving miles and miles away from home into consideration, some of the best schools for me are out of state. These include Virgina Commonwealth University in Virginia, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and Georgetown. All of these schools are not only high ranking in Nursing programs and schools but all of them also share the fact that they are far far away from home. Programs with such high ratings will cost around three times as much than a school near me.

What is the closest school to me for this profession?

The closest school to me is OHSU in Portland, Oregon. This school offers a 27 month program that is full time. To earn my degrees and title as a finished CRNA it will cost me around 72 thousand dollars not including moving costs or living.

Professional Requirements

The requirements even before you can sign up to take the test to become a CRNA, you already need to be an active RN meaning you have all the skills an RN would have. You should be able to work with life support patients, perform duties such as administering medications and how to take care of critical care patients. The ICU is where you will spend a lot of time, it will be where almost all of your patients will come from.

What I'm thinking as of now

As of now, I am thinking about setting my sites on a school near me. This decision makes more sense to me only because I wouldn't be so far away from where I originally am. This will make moving less of a struggle emotionally and financially. Obviously money to pay for schooling as well is a problem I will have to face. I think moving to somewhere like Portland will make it easier to find work before I move as well.

Online Options?

There really are no online options for this kind of schooling. To become a CRNA you need a hands on program. Although, there are other online nursing programs.