Swiss Charm Cleaning

Let us charm your home

Choose from one of three cleaning packages

Simple Charm: $75 Up to 1,500 sq ft and up to 3 hours

Deluxe Charm: $115 Up to 2,000 sq ft and up to 4.5 hours

Ultra Charm: $150 Up to 2,500 sq ft and up to 6 hours

All options include:

Kitchen: Stove Top, Range, Refrigerator/ Dishwasher/ Cabinet Surfaces, Sink, Counters, Microwave, Mopping Floors, Empty Waste Baskets, Change Trash Liners.

Bathrooms: Counters, Toilets, Mopping Floors, Sinks, Mirrors, Shower Walls/Tub Basin, Bathroom Cabinet Surfaces, Empty Waste Basket, Change Trash Liners.

Bedrooms/ Family/ Living Rooms: Dusting, Vacuum, Sweep/Mop, Wipe Base Boards, Window Sills. Empty Waste Baskets, Change Trash Liners

Additional Services may be included for an added fee of $20/hr. Minimum 1/2 hour:

Inside Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Cabinets, Pantry, Drawers or Window Tracks, Blinds, Ceiling Fans, Washing/Drying Dishes, Laundry, Changing Linens, Laundry Room Appliances, Wall Washing, Inside/ Outside Window Cleaning, Polish Furniture, Doors, Door Frames and Door Knobs.

Contact Information

Anita Burton