Testing aliens or military? Area 51

Madisyn Green

Area 51 is where the government keeps aliens and spacecraft captive to test on.

Research says that a man who used to work at area 51 had passed away, but before he did he got interviewed about working in Area 51. The former Area 51 engineer said that he studied an alien and even has photos and documents to prove it. Also, engineers studied a spacecraft found in Roswell New Mexico. Finally, there's been rumors, sightings, and pictures about spacecraft from civilians living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because of these sightings, people jumped to conclusions about aliens and how the government tries to hide it from us not tells us anything about it. But there's proof that aliens have been at area 51 and been tested on.

Area 51 is just a very secretive, high-classified military base

Some witnesses at Area 51 who were young engineers worked there said and quote '' There were no aliens or spacecraft only highly classified military weapons.The young engineers tested on spy planes for like the CIA,FBI,secret service.

My opion on the situtation

Since my author did give a rebuttal he/she does addressed the opposition. Therefore only both theories is expressed by the author.

Myth vs. Truth

The theory about Area 51 keeping aliens and spacecraft to test on is the truth. Because they had a worker who told all their business and showed pictures to prove that they were testing on aliens and their spacecraft. The theory that's a myth is the one about Area 51 being a place where high-classified military weapons get tested, and that's a myth because there was never any military involved with Area 51.