Percy Jackson and the Olympions

It the best series ever!

About the Series

The Percy Jackson and the Olympions series is a very exciting series. The first book, The Lightning Thief, is all about how Percy Jackson found out he was a demigod. You have to read through the first few chapters before you get into the fighting and everything. The second book, The Sea Of Monsters, is about Percy and his to friends, Annabeth (a demigod) and Grover (a satyr) as they journy into a monsters cave. Also Percy Jackson finds out that he has a Cycolops, named Tyson, as a brother. Below is a picture of the whole series.

Read the series to find more out about Percy Jackson and his Advntures! Happy Reading!

Also after you read the Percy Jackson and the Olympions series there is a continueing series called the Heroes of Olympus series. The next new book comes out in October!

Hope you like it!