The Glam Squad Times!

A Marvellous May is on the Way!!


Dearest Glam Squad!! I've chosen cherry blossoms as the background for this newsletter - because they are blooming and growing everywhere and showing us their incredible beauty as we start this new month - beauty like all of you have an incredible abundance of - on the inside and out!!

What an AMAZING month of April we had!! Seriously - you guys are amazing!! We're welcoming new team members, and selling up a storm, even some promotions on the books - yahoo!! Lots of kudos to come!!

We've achieved SO much as a team - and this is just the beginning!! Look out girlfriends!! Because the best is yet to come!! May is our month that we can pull out all the stops, declare our BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals!!) and reach for them with sparkle and style!! Who's with me?? Let's do this - and have a blast while we're at it!! Check out May's Challenge, and let's make those dreams become reality!!



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A HUGE Glam Squad welcome to our newest members this month!!

Allison Illsley (from Cambridge, Ontario)

Erin Hudson (from St. John's, Newfoundland)

Ranette Thorpe (from Penticton, British Columbia)

Robin Harris (from Georgetown, Ontario)

Karen Bartlett (from Cambridge, Ontario)

Karen MacIntyre (from Stratford, Prince Edward Island)

Sheema Khan (from Toronto, Ontario)

Dolce Marini (from Toronto, Ontario)

Yahoo!! Welcome to the fun!! The Glam Squad is officially spreading the sparkle from coast to coast! There are NO boundaries to our joy and success!!! The sky is the limit!!

Make sure you're off to a great start!! Check out New Stylist Training in the Stylist Lounge, the Getting Started Guide and make sure you're taking advantage of our amazing Jumpstart Program!! Also, make sure you friend me on Facebook, so I can add you to the Glam Squad Page, AND add you to the Couture Club and Canada Stylist Page as well!!

Top in Sales! Top in Sponsoring!!

You REALLY raised the bar for sales this month!! Here are the GS top 5!!!

1. Grace Parlan Naraine - $7196 (#10 in Canada East!!)

2. Jennifer Pearce - $3194

3. Jennifer Bachynsky - $3000

4.Rosanna Pagliaro - $1815

5. Jennifer Morren - $1235

AMAZING work girlfriends!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for this month - ESPECIALLY with DOUBLE Glam Getaway Points through May 15th!!!

And TOP in sponsorship....

  • Allison Illsley - 2 (in her first month as a stylist!!!!)
  • Lorna DePetrillo - 2 (just been stylist for a few months!!!

Way to build your team - AND layer your income girlfriends!! Keep sharing the sparkle!! Here's a great new video to share with prospective stylists too!!

On The Rise | Stella & Dot

And CONGRATULATIONS to these LEVEL 1 earners for Glam Getaway!!

  • Jen Bachynsky
  • Grace Naraine
  • Jen Pearce
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We could ALL be on the beach in Puerta Vallarta in October - especially with DOUBLE POINTS for the first two weeks of May!! Set your goals high! Want to make a plan together? Let me know!!
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MAKE a leader....BE a leader!!!!!

Okay it is!!! May's challenge is to MAKE a leader, and BE a leader!!! I want you to be part of an ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR team, and in order for that to happen, I need some STARs to shine on the Glam Squad!!

Here are the PRIZES up for grabs!!

...and here's how YOU can WIN!! Follow the CIRCLE OF SUCESS!!

  • BOOK - for every trunk show you get ONE ballot!! **and for every trunk show after your 4th, get TWO ballots per show!! (Enter them in your lounge and I'll keep track on our Trunk Show Pipeline - get booking girlfriends!! Take part in a booking blitz - post your results!!)
  • SELL - for every $500 you sell, you get ONE ballot. Hit your volume rebate ($2308) and get TWO Bonus Ballots!!
  • SPONSOR - for every new stylist you sponsor - get TWO ballots - if they qualify (get them off to a great start!! - get TWO more!!
Stay tuned, because MORE PRIZES will be revealed!! Drawing to be made on JUNE 1st!! Share your successes and Kudos on the Glam Squad Facebook page, and you could win more!! There will also be prizes for top Glam Squad Stylist in each category of Booking, Selling and Sponsoring...I'll make it good! I promise!! We can do this together!!

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Shoot for the Stars Glam Squad!! Remember - we're in this together!! Let's have SO much fun!! XO and let's sparkle and shine in May!!