AIESEC Johor Bahru Newsletter

#5 | Week 3 | May 2016

AIESEC Johor Bahru #choosetrouble Challenge

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We are in Summer Final Sprint now!

#choosetroublechallenge still happening! But with a little bit different this time is, we don't have weekly most progressive department!

Instead! We will observe from time to time on whole LC progress to make Summer Final Sprint a success one!

Let's witness this miracle happens on 2nd June 2016.

Its our achievement, our efforts together!

AIESEC Johor Bahru | Team Experiences

Countdown 10 days left for Summer Final Sprint!

Want to know what we achieve in this 4 days??

Wait! We will not know now, there's no update from each department!

But we will announce this final sprint progress tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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The X-Men

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Well done to the X-Men! We can do it better together!

Hey AIESEC, let's welcome the X-MEN who work hard and contribute to this LC~ We have a total number of 20 X-MEN (EP Manager). Some of them are from different department who willing to commit to the department of oGCP and contribute to this LC. They are now the member with double role and commit to two departments.

Lets welcome these 20 X-MEN :

Stephanie Jungkim (TM & oGX X-MEN)

Lim Yen Yee (oGX)

Ng Kai Qin (TM & oGX X-MEN)

Wong Soon Yeong (MarComm & oGX X-MEN)

Patricia Chua (MarComm & oGX X-MEN)

Yong Huey Sy (oGX)


Wong Hui Ming(oGX)

Muhamad Hafiz Wildan Bin Hassan (oGX)

Chu Rui Jia (MarComm & oGX X-MEN)

Lee Yi Chin (FL & oGX X-MEN)


Nur izni binti mohd paridon (MarComm & oGX X-MEN)

Syazwani binti Samsudin (MarComm & oGX X-MEN)

Vivien Lim Yi Hui (oGX)

Kushalini Nair (oGX)

Syafiqah Syahira (Associate Member)

Jose Cheang (SU OGCP)

Fatin Amira (SU OGCP)

Dalton Chan (SU OGCP)

Hereby, i would like to show my appreciation towards all the X-MEN.

Well done and we can do it better!

Other than that, I would like to announce the top performing X-MEN are :









Specially thanks to the top performing X-MEN for their commitment and performance. I would like to congrats them for their job well done.

For the others, strive harder to achieve your goal and learn from each other to improve ourselves. We are one team and we deserve the teamwork. This is a learning chance for you for me and for us to make ourselves better. Since we can do better, why not? Let's do it together! Gambateh haik!

From VP TM, Jwee Shiang

OGTP Class Bashing

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OGTP sharing for class bashing

18th May 2016

In last Wednesday, OGTP team went for class bashing in Faculty of Management (FM).

Unfortunately, we unable to bash in the class. We targeted 3 classes, and wish to bash before they end class, but maybe because of rainy day, 3 classes lecturer release the students one hour earlier.

But we doesn't give up, we approach whoever students in the cyberlab and around FM.

Here I wish to give appreciation to Yen Yee. She having a strong spirit, she approach every students she meet even go up to the bus and promote to the students until get stuck at K9 and need help from coursemate to get out from K9.

Thanks Yen Yee, you done a good job, although it seem like a failure but keep it up, one day later achievement will come to you. Success always come from failure.

From VP OGX, Rex

Customer Experience Team_Innovation Space

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Well done CX Team!

19th May 2016

The team had completed more than 50% of their activities designation for our EP!

What are the activities?

Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS), PIC: Rex

Incoming Preparation Seminar (IPS), PIC: Li Jing

EP Gathering, PIC: Atikah

City Tour, PIC: Asyiqah

Reward & Recognition, PIC: Darchu

Welcome Home Party (WHP), PIC: Jia Yun

This will be the last meet for the CX team, as the main outcome will be LEAD in EP experiences, implementation is through the activities we designed.

What next? Make it happens with our EP!

All the best CX Team!


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Love is all around!

MaC team had collect back all the boxes for posting.

Now stay tuned for some videos and what is our next LOVE action steps!

Stay lovely.

Opportunity for you!

EP Buddy Recruitment is opened!

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Be EP Buddy now!

EP Buddy Recruitment details

What to do : Servicing EP, Host Event ( IPS, City Tour, R&R, NGO Visit, EP Gathering

Timeline : 6 week ( the first 2 week must be physically in Johor , after that can be physically or virtually ) -

Minimum is 2 week as physical buddy and 4 week as virtual buddy ( 2 + 4 = 6 )

Batch : 2nd Batch - 27/6/2016 3rd Batch - 8/8/2016

Accommodation : Provided ( exact location is discussing )

Expenses : Any operation related activity can be claimed.

Commitment Concern : 1 or 2 day per week ( flexible , won't consume much of your time )

Deadline: 28th May 2016 11.59pm
For enquiry, contact Yong Ching ( +6016-9418986 / ) or Kean Hong ( +6012-4331157 / )

Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS)

Saturday, May 28th, 9am-5pm

TBC (To be confirmed again)