California Tries Water Desalination

By: Austin Griffin

Water For Life

There is very little water left on earth. Earth does not have an unlimited supply. ⅔ of the human body is water. Most of earth’s freshwater is in icecaps and glaciers. Most of earth’s freshwater is used to grow crops. there are countries fighting over control of water sources. Burning fossil fuels can cause floods. It can also cause giant rainstorms. You also shouldn’t do your business in the water because it pollutes it and puts chemicals in the water that make it poisonous to drink. Most freshwater is used to grow food.

problems with desalination

At the desalination plants they have to have filters. Since the filters and some of the pipes are under the water sometimes fish get sucked into the pipes. This causes multiple problems. This smells disgusting. And this takes fish out of their habitat. This also means that if you are a fisherman you are going to go out of buisness pretty fast.

solutions to the problem

One solution could be fish screens. They have holes small enough to keep big fish out. Occasionally small fish fill go through. Since the beach is not as smelly more people will want to be at the beach. And fishermen can keep their jobs. Everybody's happy. :)