Which Propaganda is the Best?

Testimonial vs. Bandwagon



  • Testimony is a type of propaganda.
  • The famous person recommends a product. It uses the words of a famous person to popularize a product or idea.
  • The idea and product gains popularity or support as the famous person's fans or supporters begin to use the products
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Lebron James

Celebrities are used to popularize a particular product. Many stars that are extremely popular get millions of their fans to use the product. Athletes often advertise sport brands like Nike, Adidas or Under Armor. Gatorade or other products are also advertised by them.



  • Bandwagon is a kind of propaganda that promotes a product, idea or service by saying that everybody is using or supports it.
  • It basically promotes the product, idea or service by using its popularity.
  • It appeals to how the person reacts to a popular trend. People generally wants to join a popular trends.
Examples include adds that have a lot of people with a certain service or product. Some company's like Coke or Verizon have ads where it says "over 5 million people in the nation use it so why don't you" or something close.