The Koala

Find out why they're endangered

About the koala

The name koala originates from the Aboriginal word 'no drink'. This is because the koalas get 90% of their water from the eucalyptus leaves. The only time they drink is when there is not enough water in the leaves or thy are ill. Over 4000 koalas are killed either by dogs or cars.

Facts about the koala

Koalas today live in Queensland,New South Wales,Victoria and South Australia. The koala's natural predator today are dingoes, owls, wedge tailed eagles and pythons. Long droughts also affect the koalas

Why are the Koalas endangered?

Since European settlement 80% of koalas have decreased. Koalas are endangered from: clearing of land for agriculture,housing,mining factories and roads. Some diseases that affect the koalas: blindness, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and reproductive tract infections.

Here are some charities you can donate to help the koalas.

Some wildlife parks that protect koalas

Created by: Tristan Cheng