My Spring Break

By: Tyler Brown

What I Did

By spring break I pretty much stayed at home and saw family. We went to see some family and some family came and stayed at my house. We had a big family get together at my dad's new house and that's where we did our big family Easter Egg Hunt. My sister, youngest niece, and I all had a girls day out and it was fun. i was planning on going to Mississippi to see my older brother and some of my old friends but my ended up going somewhere with his friends and I didn't want to go if I couldn't see him so I stayed home. I would've been in Monroe county (outlined in the blue).
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The Big Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday we got out, most of our family met my dad's house to grill out and do our Easter Egg Hunt. We have done it ever year for as long as I can remember. Everybody gets together to decorate eggs after that all the kids get ready to hunt for eggs and whoever has the most gets a prize and whoever has the least gets a prize, then we usually everyone eats and the kids play outside. I didn't feel to well but I still helped out and it was alright.
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Girls Day Out

My sister, youngest niece, and I had a girls day out I think, maybe Wednesday. We went shopping at a lot of different stores but my favorite was Rue 21 because it had the most blue shirts and shorts that I bought. Then we went and got lunch and ice cream from Sonic and we ate it there. After that we went home and went to the dock until it was getting dark and we went home, ate supper, then we laid in the living room, ate popcorn, and watched movies.
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