Scholarship News

from the Counselor's Office

Local Scholarships

Most of the seniors who are eligible for the college academic scholarships have submitted those applications and all required documents, many have already received scholarship offers, so now it is time to start working on those local scholarships.

Yesterday, I spoke to the seniors during their Religion class about the requirements for each of the local scholarships. I also advised them on their essay, academic resume, and letters of recommendation. Here is the presentation:

Things to know about the local scholarships:

  • Most, if not all, are one time scholarships. In other words, they are not renewable.
  • Each scholarship eligibility requirements, application, and required documents are a little different, so pay attention to the details and follow the instructions.
  • The deadlines for the local scholarships vary.
  • Some scholarships will be awarded to St. Joseph Seniors, but there are a few where our seniors will be competing with other high school seniors in the county or state for the scholarship.
  • Some scholarships will be turned in to me (Mrs. Breeding), but there are some that must be mailed directly to the scholarship committee.
  • I am not the person who picks the recipients of any scholarship. I am the person who passes out the applications, collects them as students apply, and then gives the applications to the committees on the day they due, which is why paying attention to deadlines is very important.
  • Each scholarship committee is looking for something different, so I encourage students who are eligible to apply.
  • All the applications for local scholarships are on my senior Google classroom. There are different formats (some can be filled out in the posted document and then printed, some are simply scanned and must be printed to fill out, at least one is a Google form, etc).
  • Seniors are welcome to stop by my office to request any scholarship, and I will be happy to hand them a paper copy if printing them from the Google classroom is an issue.
  • Many of the scholarship representatives will be at the Senior Banquet and Awards Ceremony on May 11th to announce their scholarship recipient.

Right now, the Class of 2016 is getting close to $500,000 in scholarship offers. Please send me a copy of all scholarship offers (even those your child will not accept and use) so that we can see this dollar amount continue to grow. Emails are okay, but I really need a copy of the scholarship letter. The more that is shared with me, the better I can prepare in advance for the banquet in May and keep everyone informed about how well our senior class is doing in their plans for life after high school! I am extremely proud of them!

Mrs. Breeding

The 2016-2017 FAFSA Demo!

If you have not started the FAFSA, I found this video to be very informative. Once you have all of the required information gathered, entering everything online is quick and easy. You can even work on the FAFSA application in stages, saving it as you go.

Don't forget, you must fill out the FAFSA in order to receive any state aid, like the Arkansas Academic Challenge. In case you missed the previous email/newsletter, all eligible seniors applied for state aid by filling out the YOUniversal Application on January 8th. I walked them through the application, and I have mailed all their transcripts to ADHE. Please check their ADHE account to see their application status.