Strawberries as a Natural Indicator

By: Ryan P, Lukas K, Will S, and Maxx S


The purpose of this project is to determine a natural substance that acts as an acid/base indicator and come up with a color range for our indicator based on the test results of combining four household substances with that natural substance. pH indicators are weak acids that act as natural dyes and determine the concentration of H+ ions through a color change. The color change of a pH indicator is cause by the dissociation of H+ ion from itself. Acids are an ionic compound that break apart in water to form a H+ ion, while bases break apart in water to form an OH- compound. To determine the color change of our indicator, we will be using White Grape Juice (which we predict to be a weak acid), Windex (which we predict to be very acidic), Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol (which we predict to be a base), and White Wine Vinegar (which we predict to be a base).
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Windex in a bag/Windex final result

White grape juice

Isopropyl Alcohol

White Wine Vinegar