The European Union

By: Payton Molina and Madison Johnson

What is it?

The EU is made up of 27 member states. This alliance has provided these countries with a free-market and established the same currency. These countries are also bonded together by their interest in world relations. They are very active in helping the Middle East achieve peace.


The purpose of the E.U. is to promote social and economic progress for Europe. It was also put in place to protect the rights of each country in the union and develop security, justice, and freedom for the area. Today, one of its purposes is to maintain a balanced rate of development throughout all 27 member-states.
European Union - 50 years in 5 minutes!


The EU was created in 1993 by the Maastricht Treaty. It was created so that each country could have the same economic and political policies. One of their goals was to achieve a strong military security throughout Europe. But before the EU was even created or had its name it was called the EEC.
What is the EU?


The EU has set a high environmental policy. Since 2007 they have strived to make sure that 20% of their energy is from renewable resources, like wind power or solar power. On top of that 10% of their fuel is set to come from biofuels.

The EU has made it where, if you are a country that is a part of the EU, you can travel freely with out boarder checks. They have achevied peace throughtout the EU. Also there is to be no war between any country in the EU.

Global Impact

They are big on helping other countries around the world by donating money. Grant up to more than 7 billion euros for the countries that need it. They have been immigrating to other places for over 500 years. They contribute to world trade and help with global problems. They help development around the world.

How has the EU effected Europe and the rest of the world?