Learn what cyber bullying is and how you can help.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is basically the same as bullying but instead of gossiping and fighting in public, they do it behind the screens. Cyber bullying is just as bad as real bullying, or even worse, because there are still insults and sometimes the bullies come in real life.

How can you be cyber bullied?

There are different kinds of ways that kids are cyberbullied.

  1. Flaming and Trolling: This is where the cyberbully can send or post messages that is intended to make you make mad or to “inflame” your emotions to make you feel angry at the bully.

  2. Identity Theft/Impersonation: A cyberbully can try to get your password to go onto your account and they will have control over your accounts. They can then post humiliating pictures or videos of you to make you feel embarrassed.

  3. Happy Slapping: This is where a bully can beat you up and someone else takes a video and posts it on a website. The bully may post threats in the comments, and can make you feel embarrassed, or even scared.

  4. Photoshopping: This is where a bully may take a photo of you and alter the image to make the photo look embarrassing to you.

  5. Physical Threats: Cyber Bullies may send people messages that are threatening to your physical safety which could frighten people.

  6. Rumor Spreading: A cyberbully can spread rumors or gossip about you over texts, e-mails, or social networking sites. This false information can make you feel embarrassed, angry, or sad.