My mom

Deanna Langley

My biggest role model

Although we get into arguments so frequently that its weird when we are friendly to each other. You mean the world to me and have always been there for me. You are some one that I am able to depend on and someone that I can trust. You have been a person that I can talk to when ever and I know that you'll give me the best advice that you can give me.

My best friend FOREVER

Sad to say but I am just like my mother, I have caught my self sounding or responding to situations the same way that you would. My voice has even began to sound like yours. You may not be like every other mom that my friends have but, your my mom and your the best mom that I could have.

Thank you

I want to that you for everything that you have do for me during my entire life. You have been an inspiration for me to be a better person. The motivation to do as best as I can in my life. Get my degree and achieve and much as possible.