New Zealand North Island

One of the sportiest islands in the Southern hemisphere

Everything you need to know

New Zeland is in the southwestern Pacific ocean. It is to the south-west of Australia on the East coast and feature two main islands, the North Islands and the South Islands, it has other smaller ones. New Zealand has a population of 4.471 million people and is bound to get bigger. If you want a relaxed holiday in the Northern Island of New Zealand it's lucky that no where in New Zealand is more then 128km away from the beach.

There are boat tours where you can visit harbours, beaches, coves and other isalnds around New Zealand.

What about making your own spa? At hot water beach, design a spa of your own and relax there. Prefer sand-surfing? Go to the ninety mile beach where there is a ninety mile stretch of windswept shores with plenty of perfect sand dunes.

Why visit here?

New Zeland has many ups and downs to there country, but it is the best place to visit. All the people are so kind, they have many many cultural experiences, the food is different so you can get a taster on different stuff and the sites you get to see and visit are absolutely phenomenal.