sport drink taste test

Behind the Scenes

The problem

I had to find out what product my group and I were going to use for our taste test project. We were sitting there arguing between different kinds of gummy bears and different kind of sodas. Then I started looking around the room and a lot of people had Gatorade bottles and when I see Gatorade I think of sports.

So then I said guys lets do sport drinks, then the keyboards started clicking.

2.Gathering Information

We had to find out the company of the brands address was, there email and phone number to contact them. Then also we had to call all three of the companies and ask them

1.How and when the company began.

2.What gave them the idea to start the company.

3.How they came up with the name of the brand.

4.How long the company has been going or has been successful.


My hypothesis was that Gatorade was going to win because more people were familiar with it then with Powerde and All Sport and that All Sport was going to have the least amount of votes because not a lot of people are really familiar with it.

My hypothesis was right. We had 53 people come to our station and 22 people that came to the station preferred Gatorade of any of the other drinks. And All Sport only got 13 votes and Powerde had 17 votes.


During the experiment we had a few problems. We thought that we weren't going to have enough cups for everyone that was coming, then we thought that we weren't necessarily fast enough with the pouring the drinks into the cups. Also we thought that we weren't going to have enough battery life on the iPad but we didn't have to worry about that because we couldnt use an iPad because we couldn't pull up the google form. Everything was falling apart, so then we called the experts for help. "MR.LANDERS!!!" -Ellis


At first Powerade was getting more votes, my group and i thought that powerade was going to be win. But then more and more people came, and more and more votes came in. Soon enough Gatorade was ahead of all of them. All sport on the other hand hadn't gotten a whole lot of votes. Everyone said that it tasted funny, or it wasn't as good as the other ones. Then time was up and we had to count our results. We had 53 total people come to our stand. 22 out of the 53 voted Gatorade. 17 out of 53 liked Powerade and 13 out of the 53 liked All Sport. My hypothesis was correct.

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I would not reject, because my hypothesis was correct. Some errors that I could have done was mark the wrong drink that someone liked, and when I was pouring drinks I could have put them in the wrong spot so that would mess up the votes. But all in all Gatorade won with 22 votes Powerade had 17 and All Sport had 13.