Encouraging Prosocial Behavior in the Classroom:

· Children need to have opportunities that encourage working together to learn skills in sharing, respecting others, and taking turns.

· Children will be encouraged to use their words to express how they are feeling, and voice their thoughts.

· Children will be invited to participate in the activities of the class so they can be provided an opportunity to interact with other children and feel a sense of belonging.

· Children will be encouraged to use their manners by saying Please and Thank You!

· Materials needs to be set-up in the classroom to promote social interaction through play. For example, at the Manipulative Table set out three puzzles and at Art Center place two paint brushes at the easel.

Ideas for guiding children when their behavior is especially challenging and difficult :

· Playing games with the children such as Simon Say or Red Light Green Light- playing games such as the ones I stated allows children to learn how to follow instructions and pay attention to rules.

· The other idea is the use of “Redirection.” Redirection enables the teacher to take negative feelings, emotions or behaviors in turn them into positive. Redirection enables the child to reflect and cool off so that the child can regain composure or self-control. Redirection also enables the child to express how they are feeling and use problem-solving techniques on what action could have been changed so the behavior could have been avoided. Redirection gives the child a sense of value instead of rejection because it helps a child to learn how to regulate their emotions and offers solutions to change difficult behavior to positive


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