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What is the Learning Commons?

The Learning Commons is a place for personal learning, creating digital content and projects and collaboration. It is spacious for hosting group projects and allowing students to explore a variety of digital tools.

Here are some of the offerings inside the Learning Commons:

Collection Totals-The Learning Commons houses over 10,000 copies in the fiction and

nonfiction collection.

eBooks-Currently there are 131 ebooks that can be accessed from the Learning Commons

website Follett Shelf in Destiny, MackinVia and

eSebco house our ebook collection. See the Learning Commons flyer in Learning

Commons Folder on Silver Lakes Middle Server for login information.

Database Access-All online databases are available though the B.E.E.P. website. Students and teachers gain entry the database by choosing doorway #2 in the student portal.

The databases are:



Sirs Discoverer and Researcher

Each of these resources offer articles, newspapers, academic journals, digital media and more. Citations for each database are integrated within each article.

Available Technology-The Learning Commons offers the following equipment for circulation: Document Cameras, Mimeo, Promethean Activ Expressions and Activ Votes, DVD players, LCD projectors, and VCRs.

Circulation of Materials-Materials will be circulated beginning Tuesday Aug. 19. Please remember to keep all cables and cords with the device.

Student Access-Students can visit the Learning Commons in the morning by securing a Learning Commons pass from an administrator in the cafeteria.

Class schedule book-The Learning Commons sign up book is located in the middle workroom on the counter. Please sign up at least 1 day prior to your visit.

The Learning Commons Orientation!

Learning Commons orientation will be conducted through Language Arts! Students will learn how to access and download ebooks, where to locate digital resources and content, and the schedule of the learning commons for student access. A brief overview of conducting research projects will be provided. The F.I.N.D.S. research process model will be introduced. A quick tour of the Learning Commons will also be included. Reading teachers please sign up in the class scheduling book located on the counter in the middle workroom.

Database Update!

Brittanica is the newest of the B.E.E.P. online databases. It is a powerful database that includes, magazine articles, newspapers from around the world, academic journals and more.

World Book or NetTrekker are no longer part of the B.E.E.P. suite of databases.

B.E.E.P databases offer many useful resources that support research projects in all subject areas. I will be showcasing InfoTrac Gale, and Sirs Researcher in an upcoming meeting. Later, when Brittanica has been officially added to the district's web portal, I will conduct a training to explore all of its many elements. Please plan to incorporate these great resources into your lessons and projects.

Lib Guides

Last year the use of LibGuides was introduced to the Silver Lakes faculty. Each dept. was asked to send me links that would support a lesson or unit plan. A lib guide is an online resource for students to gain access to materials and information necessary to complete a lesson or project. It can be utilized along with your class website, in fact your class website can be included in your lib guide. The link to the Silver Lakes Lib Guide is

See me to build your lib guide to support your students success.

Scholastic Reading Challenge!

I would like to thank the Language Arts Department for spearheading this event. Your support made all the difference in the success at Silver Lakes. To date our students read over 49,000 books. This is a huge accomplishment for our students. My goal is to award prizes to the top participants when school resumes. Thank you all for your support!

TV Production & Morning Announcements

The morning announcements will air daily at the end of 2nd block. Our students work hard on the program and love getting feedback from students and teachers. Please show your support by tuning into Channel 25 daily. An announcement is made when it is time to turn your tv's or VCR's to channel 25.

If you have announcements, please email me and cc administration at least 24 hours prior to the date you would like it to air.

Please allow about 2 weeks to get started to train new students.

Reading Across Broward

Reading Across Broward is the Superintendent's reading motivation program. Students can use the Reading Across Broward reading log found on the Learning Commons website. Any book read can be added on the reading log including books read in class or by the teacher to the class. Each time a student reads a book they can enter their book information here. I recommend bookmarking the page on your computer. In the Spring students receive district certificates for the number of books read. Students must read at least 5 books to receive a certificate. Last year's winners were two students who each logged 50 books. Please encourage your students to log the books they are reading. Let's increase the number of participants this year.

Scholastic Book Fair

The Learning Commons hosts a Fall and Spring book fair. The Scholastic Book Fair offers many current titles for teens, books for younger students and a few adult books such as recipe books. Students will visit the book fair through Language Arts classes. Plan to purchase books to support the Learning Commons. Language Arts teachers please sign up in the Media Center book located on the counter in the middle workroom.
When: September 3-Sept. 12

Where: The Learning Commons

Time: Daily 9:15-3:45

Join us for Tech Tools Days

In recent years educators are challenged with incorporating more technology into lessons providing students the opportunity to have autonomous learning facilitated by the teacher. If we are to produce students with a zest for learning, we must provide opportunities for them to discover and seek answers to life's perplexities. With that said, Tech Tools Days are alive and well. There are a myriad of tools that can be utilized to support the curriculum and differentiate instruction. Need new ideas for incorporating technology into your lessons? Then come to Tech Tools Days. Tech Tools Day is a mini Professional Learning Community for educators held monthly and dedicated to technology instruction. Meetings are held in the Learning Commons during your planning period. Simply bring you laptop at the beginning of your planning period to the Learning Commons to participate and share technology that can transform your teaching. Join me on the first Tech Tools Day of the year on August 27 when we will re-visit Edmodo. Please Register here if you plan to attend.

About Us

We are a full service open access learning commons serving the school community daily from 8:30-3:45. Our library contains over 10,000 books in the collection, over 200 ebooks, access to online databases and 38 computer work stations and other technology tools. We are continuously building our STEM materials to support the curriculum and provide students with information about STEM careers options. Mrs. Neena Grosvenor is our Media Specialist.