Genetically Modified Food

by Deborah Oh (Point of View-farmer)


Genetically modififed foods are made up of organisms which have been genetically altered for improvement. The 1980s marked the scientfic discovery that specfic pieces of DNA.

Some Key People are Gregor Mendal

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First Experiments

Their first experiment was when botanists used bacteria to put a gene from one plant speices to another one of the groups inserted a bean gene into a sunflower.


Technology is used a lot for genetically modified foods. They are many types like the scientists use laboratories for experiments. There are benefits and risk in GMO. One benefit is that it can help poor families with getting food or enough food. And a risk is it can give health problems. People say that there was some effects of GM corn on rats' livers and kidneys.


Government agencies regulates the GMO and genetically modified foods. They regulate toxicity because the consumer acceptance and making it's success is not easy. How they do it is that they don't evaluate crops or how they're made, but on their effects on the digestive tract.

Did you know that the first main genetically modified food was a tomato paste.