Traveling Through Texas

By: Crystal Njogu

Summer Vacation

Today is the day, we are going road trip through Texas. Were starting in Carrollton. So far that I read it is a city in the Denton County, "Top 100 palces to live" by Relocate America. It ismostly a part of the Coastal region, some of thier natural resorces in the region are fertil farming ground, citrus fruit, beef and dairy cattle, soybeans, farming products, petrochemical, natural gas, and oil.The next stop is gonna be amazing.

Time to go swimming!

Are you ready for the best place in the world?? You sure? Ok I am about to tell you! The Hamilton pool preserve in Austin. It is a historic swimming hole designated by the Travis County Commissioner Court in 1990. It has a waterfall wich plunges over into the head of a steep box canyon. It also has a varity of birds and rare plant species. Time to dive in!! Yeah!

Count here, count there, here a count, there a count, every were a countie

Time to go vist Pappous. Its Greek for Grandpa. He live in the Sterling County with my Uncle James and Aunty T. They live in the Great Plain Region. My sister actually thought they live in a "great plane". Funny, hu. Grandpa owns a farm, wich is really common in this region. And on this farm he had cotton, sheep,beef cattles, and wheat.THe only beverage we could drink was water. Uncle James works in a water supply compony. There is alot all over the county.


Horses on the Ranch, How about horses on the beach

It has always been a tradition that we go horseback riding. But now that me, and Angie are old enough we disided to go on the beach. wooow. That was so much fun. Dad fell of the horse twice. Well... off to go see wax.

What happened if all of those melted

Onwards to a wax palace of wonderland, created by LouisTussaud. The drive from Corpus Christi to San Antonio was so long! Thank goodness we got there on time. Were back to the Coast region. Whoop, Whoop. I loved seeing the twilight scuplture of Edward, and Bella. But my favorite part of the trip, was the haunted wax muesem. Seeing those creepy statures surly scared my sister half to death. Two more stops then we are back at school.

So those BIG things can't actully BEND?

We went to Big Bend National Park near the city of Alpine. It was an amazing view seeing all the animals. The trails ends were breathtaking. But for me the only thing i did not enjoy was that pure Texas heat. Yet my sister loved it. It was great coming back to the Mountians and Basins Region. Pappous and the rest also came on the trail.


Finally we can go eat some fastfood near my house. No one makes burgers like the king. I nearlly made mom broke, with all the food i ordered. Here was the weird thing all they orderd for was salad and chicken nuggets! Were they eationg on the trip and forgot to tell me? After that drive we went back home, just before school actually started..To all my readers see you next year.