inviting a celeberty to school


Lebron James working hard to be successful

  • Lebron is good but he is still working hard to be better than his opponents
  • lebron works hard to be successful in the NBA

Lebron James vs Kevin Durant 2012 HD(How bad do you want it?)

how did lebron make it into the NBA at a young age

  • he made it with his cool moves and his ability to make highlights
  • his awareness to react quickly
LeBron High School CLips

lebron makes a mistake

  • he talks about how his work pays off
  • how hes going to continue to work hard
LeBron James- Motivation Speech

lebron history

  • labrons performance in games
  • greatness in games
  • labrons steals per game rebounds per game assists per game points per game
LeBron James Top 10 Plays of the 2012 NBA Season