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the production of "happiness hormones"

Nevertheless, in the United States, there is such a drug and used as an analgesic. Its mechanism of action is simple:

it washes away the remnants of blood endorphins and thus inspired and encouraged by their enhanced pituitary production.
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It has a huge list of drug side effects and sensible doctors oppose its use. We talk about pharmaceutical drugs that promote production of endorphins, it vitamins B and C as well as minerals iron and zinc.

Independently increase the production of "happiness hormones"? There are many ways. The most powerful (and most enjoyable) is sex, which is a prerequisite for achieving orgasm. By the way, those who do not get pleasure from sex or even for various reasons has no sexual partner, often replace this yummy food or alcohol.

Excellent raise the level of endorphins exercise, but only if they are not related to excessive load especially for running, swimming, and tennis, i.e. those species, which usually takes a long time without pooping.

During long workouts released adrenaline, increasing muscle aches, and therefore begins to produce endorphins. Reducing pain, they increase the rate of reaction and adaptation to stress.

At some point we feel the thrill of training - it means that there was a release of endorphins.

It is proved that for half an hour workout concentration of "happiness hormones" in the blood increases by 5-7 times, and it continues for 1.5-2 hours. Unknown why, but it is more evident in men.