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Butterfly fly....

It has been wonderful to see all of our students this school year. We have such a great mixture of new and returning faces that we have missed. It has been a busy start, but the students have jumped right in! It really has been wonderful to watch. I love being able to sit and talk with them, and get to know all the things they love! Thank you for sharing them with us again this school year!

I came across a great article this summer about "Productive Struggle", and helping our students with what they really need. I've been thinking more and more about this story I read regarding a butterfly and a man who loved it so much that it wanted to help it through the cocoon process. However, because of all of the help, the butterfly never went through the productive struggle which it needed to grow itself, and in the end couldn't fly. Productive Struggle...... this is a term that we've been using in my own house hold as we are all transitioning back into a "school routine". With a senior and freshman in high school, a mom that's a principal, and a dad that is working and involved in all that we do, our schedule is pretty full. On top of that, we are committed in being involved in our community. I'm sure that this is a common theme in most households these days. Our children have to become more independent, and by doing everything FOR them, we are actually hurting them in the end. It has really made me think about things as a parent and educator, and I wanted to share it with you as well, especially as we start this school year in a partnership to grow all of our New Haven children.

News to share....

Helping Houston- We talk to our students ALOT about ways that we can impact the world and make a difference, and that no matter our age we can cause ripples that impact unlimited amounts of people. With all of the current severe weather events and flooding across the nation we have decided that we can make the most impact by helping students just like us. We have adopted Hairgrove Elementary in Houston, Texas. Information was sent home via IC last week regarding this service project. After talking with school officials and calculating shipping costs, etc. it has been decided that monetary gift to our sister school is the best way to get what their students need the quickest. Mrs. Powers and her students will be collecting donations this coming school week. To celebrate as a school, we will have a school wide PJ day on Friday, September 22nd.

Clubs- There have been a couple of questions regarding the start of clubs and basketball. Each sponsor will be sending home information regarding club membership, commitments, and dates very shortly. Ms. Padgett has passed the Archery "bow" onto Mrs. Arnett this year. She must receive specific NASP training before taking over, which is why no information has gone out yet. More information will be coming home soon.

Upcoming New Haven Events

As the school year officially is off in full swing, we have several New Haven community events that you can be a part of.

Tiger Tee-off-
On September 23rd, we will have our very first golf outing for New Haven. This is a fun way to play golf, get to know people, and support our school. Apex Realty Group is sponsoring this new event for New Haven with many additional sponsors along the way. It's going to be a great day, and we are hoping that friends and family will come out to support our students. All proceeds will go into programs (field trips, COSI, Assemblies, etc.) for our students. Please see the information below or click on the link for details!


Festival- Nothing welcomes Fall like a good fesitval! We want our students to enjoy the school year, and have a well rounded experience of academics and community fun! This year is all about our kids! We will have the children's raffle, concessions, games, bounce houses, "Drag your teacher to Jail", Dunk booth, and a haunted hallway! Mark your calendars to join on the fun on October 6th from 5:30 to 9:00 pm @ New Haven!

To purchase admission and/or pumpkins to paint click here.

To download the form to pay by check you can click here.

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Upcoming events @ New Haven

PTA board meeting @ 4:30
12th -13th- 5th grade Lonneman family goes to Camp Carlisle
13th - 14th- 5th grade Nance family goes to Camp Carlisle
14th- Board of Education Meeting at Ralph Rush - 7:30
19th- SBDM @ 4:30
22nd- School Wide PJ celebration
23rd- Tiger Tee-Off Golf Outing
26th- Proud to be a Kentucky Kid! Day-
PTA General Mtg @ 6:30
29th- Popcorn Friday

4th- NED Show School Wide Assembly
6th- Fall Festival @ NH from 5:30 - 9:00
12th- Board of Educ. Meeting @ RR

19th- Parent / Teacher Conference evening (appts. scheduled)
20th- Popcorn Friday!!!
ESD (extreme spirit day)
23rd- Parent / Teacher Conference evening (appts. scheduled)

23rd- 27th- RED RIBBON WEEK (Drug awareness & prevention)
31st- Halloween

3rd- Popcorn Friday
9th- Board of Education Meeting @ RR / 7:30pm
10th- Veteran's Day Celebration
14th- Primary Report Cards
17th- Popcorn Friday!
21st- SBDM @ 4:30
22nd- 24th- Thanksgiving Holiday / NO School
27th - 1st- Holiday Shop Week for students (Volunteers Needed to help please!)
28th- General PTA meeting / Reflections Awards Night @ 6:30 pm

Want to know even more that is going on? Click our Team Calendar link-

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