Distance Learning Parent Newsletter

Parkway Elementary School

Thank You!

We are moving into Week 3 of our Distance Learning journey. Thank you for supporting your children through these last few days. Our teachers see you when they are teaching live and are grateful our students have you right there by their side to navigate Google Classrooms, find links to live meetings, and complete independent work.

I'll be sharing newsletters periodically to help address concerns and to keep you updated until we return to school.

-Mrs. Chang

Distance Learning Teacher Highlights

Nurse and Counselor Support During Distance Learning

We recognize this unique period of time has resulted in a great deal of change for families and students. Our School Counselor and Nurse are still available to support students while they learn virtually and are accessible by phone and email. While instructional times are scheduled for morning hours, teachers and other support personnel are available during the afternoon hours. Please feel free to leave voicemail messages and/or send emails to me, Mrs. Mazaleski, our School Nurse, or Mrs. Tisa, our School Counselor should you or your child need anything at all. Contact them at jtisa@mtlaurelschools.org and amazaleski@mtlaurelschools.org.

In addition, both Mrs. Mazaleski and Mrs. Tisa have created Google Classrooms similar to that of the classroom teachers. Students will be able to view pre-recorded lessons such as the ones they are used to participating in when Mrs. Maz or Mrs. Tisa visit their classrooms. They might also be invited to join live small group sessions or they'll see the nurse and counselor during regular classroom time when they provide lessons to the whole class.

Please have your child join the Nurse and Counselor Google Classrooms by entering the following codes:

Nurse Google Classroom Code: tazlhzn

Counselor Google Classroom Code: hyxjzlq

We Appreciate Your Patience and Kindness

Thank you for both your patience and your kindness while we transition to virtual teaching. Parkway teachers love what they do, but most of us have only ever done it in a classroom with students right in front of us! We use our personalities, humor, and our connections with kids to make learning happen in our classrooms. Now that we're going "live", it's important to remember we're not experts at this...yet! We're doing our very best and we ask that you continue to show us grace while we become comfortable on camera, work through technical glitches, and learn how to incorporate cool tools into our remote teaching. Yes, there may be a teacher who knows a tad more than your child's teacher about this online teaching thing, but just know ALL Parkway teachers are working overtime to ensure students have meaningful learning experiences while at home.

Parkway 2020 Yearbook

Calling all parents with cameras... We need your photos! Our goal is to put out a 2020 Yearbook despite the unexpected situation we are currently in. While your kiddos are home engaging in Distance Learning, please snap those photos and share your memories with us! Click the red box below to share your photos! It will take you to a Google Drive where you can drag and drop your photos. Come back to this link anytime to share as many photos as you'd like.

The Deadline for ordering yearbooks has been extended to April 15th, 2020.

Visit this link to place your order and enter ID code 1850120

How Do I Make Sense of Google Classroom?

If your life has become anything like mine, your child now has multiple Google Classrooms to navigate and you have found yourself having to learn all of the the ins and outs! We want to share some tips that may help you keep your sanity while in the Google Classroom world!

  • Bookmark the "Classwork" tab of your your child’s Google Classrooms.
  • If you've been invited, join your child’s Google Classroom as a parent so that you can get alerts as well.
  • When searching for work from previous days go to the "Classwork" tab. Once there, in the top right corner click on “Class Drive Folder”. This is where all of your child’s Google Classroom/Drive work is located.
  • You can also look on the Classwork Tab and in the left corner click on “View Your Work”.

Depending on how the teacher posts the work/assignments, you should be able to easily locate what you need. View the video tutorial posted below.

Google Classroom Tutorial

Creating a Home Learning Environment

Children thrive on structure and routine. As much as possible, we recommend having a spot in your home where children can participate in lessons with as few distractions as possible. We realize this can be tricky right now, so just do your best! For example, a spot at the dining room table with headphones and their supplies may lead to more learning than laying on the bed while listening to a lesson.

Since teachers are usually going "live", keep in mind that background noise can make it difficult for others to follow along with the lesson. Also, be cognizant of what shows up in your child's background while we are "live" as everyone in the session can see it!