Kindergarten Newsletter

October 21 - 25


Today we learned the letter P. It makes the /p/ sound - like in the words Peyton, pizza, penny, pumpkin, playground, and Mr. Pearson (our music teacher)! We watched this video from Have Fun Learning.

This morning's character counts assembly was about kindness. Our goal this week is to catch someone doing something kind and secretly give them a thank you card. When someone gets one of these cards, they are to pay that compliment forward!

In math, we learned to describe a shape using 3 attributes. We really practiced on rectangles and triangles because sometimes it is hard to remember which shape is a RECTangle and which one is the TRIangle.

Can your kindergartner pick out the:

small, red circle

big, blue rectangle

big, yellow circle

small, red rectangle

Want some extra fun math practice?

Here is the link to a fun shape coloring page you could download and print!

In Writer's Workshop, we have been learning to write stories across a 3 page booklet! You would be amazed at the stories we are able to write about!

Mrs. Beckstrand wasn't here today to have counseling we got to have FREE TIME! It's such a treat to just have some time to relax and kick back with our friends.


This morning we read "Animal Babies in the Grasslands". We learned a lot of different names for animal babies! Did you know that a baby elephant is a calf? So is a baby giraffe! We also learned about baby zebras, kangaroos, prairie dogs, and meerkats.

In math, we used pennies to act out math stories. We also learned how to line up our pennies in two rows of 5 so that we can easily see how many more pennies we need to make a group of 10. When we line them up like that, it looks like a ten frame.

Today in science, we planted some bean seeds in a baggie with a damp paper towel. We are going to observe them and see how long it takes for them to begin changing. We wonder if they will grow, since there is no dirt, sun, or water. Some of us are not sure the seeds will grow. Others thought they if they DO grow, they might be magic bean seeds like Jack got in the story, "Jack and the Beanstalk"! :)


This morning we got to learn some more about the letter P. We practiced writing capital P and watched a Sesame Street video about the letter P. We LOVE Cookie Monster!! He makes us laugh every time!

In math, we learned how to tell time to the hour on an analog clock and read and write the time to the hour on a digital clock.

We read "Animal Babies in the Grasslands" again today. We found out that there are a lot of words in that book that we can READ!

We also learned about main ideas. We decided that the main idea of this book is the different kinds of animal babies that live in the grasslands.

And we learned all about grasslands. Did you know that there are grasslands in Nebraska AND in Africa?


Mrs. McCallay was sick today, so she stayed home. Mrs. Bockmann was her substitute today. It seems like there is starting to be a lot of tummy "yuck" and respiratory junk going around. Remember to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water...that helps to keep our bodies in top performance.

We looked inside Mrs. Chohon's "p" bag and found lots of things that start with the letter p. We wrote the names of all those things on the board and circled every "p" we could find.

In math, we practiced ordinals to fourth again. Today we got to line up kindergartners in 4 lines of 4 and practiced telling who was first, second, third, and fourth. It was a short lesson today, so Mrs. Chohon showed us a fun pumpkin song that also had ordinals in it! We also noticed it has speech bubbles to show the pumpkins talking! Here is the link!

Spooky! Spooky!

This is one of our FAVORITE Halloween songs! :) So of course we had to watch it too while we were in the Halloween mood!

During Writer's Workshop, we chose one of our favorite stories to get into tip-top shape so we can share it with our friends tomorrow. Parents, I can't even begin to share with you how much our writing has grown in the last month! When we started Writer's Workshop in September, most of us just had pictures and MAYBE some labels. Now we are writing 3 page stories with sentences!

In science, we have been talking about the things plants need to live and how they grow. Today we discussed what ANIMALS need to live and how they look very much like their parents when they are born and as they grow up.


Today we got to use purple play dough to practice making our high frequency words! Our new words this week are my & we. Next week we will add the word like. I am sending the play dough home for you to practice making our words at home. You could also use the play dough to practice making numbers.

We are bringing home a new decodable story. It is called "Pat the Cat". If your child reads it 3 times to you or someone else, sign it and send it back to school. They will get a prize from the prize box since the book has new words!

So far we have learned these words:

  1. I
  2. am
  3. the
  4. a
  5. little
  6. have
  7. is
  8. we
  9. my
  10. like

Today we shared our Writer's Workshop stories with our friends! How fun it was to show off our hard work!

Look at our seeds!

I see ROOTS!!

Lookin' Forward to Next Week!

Maulee brings snack.

Noon Dismissal

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 12pm

One-R School


  • Letters Bb & Nn
  • initial and final /b/ & /n/


  • numbers before, after, & between
  • writing money amounts to 10¢
  • math assessment
  • paying for items to 10¢ using pennies


Five Senses - see, hear, smell, taste, touch

Writer's Workshop

Writing about things we know a lot about.

MUSIC - Monday & Wednesday

PE - Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

Library Check Out on Friday!